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Solar DC SPD
  • Solar DC SPDSolar DC SPD
  • Solar DC SPDSolar DC SPD
  • Solar DC SPDSolar DC SPD
  • Solar DC SPDSolar DC SPD

Solar DC SPD

CNKA is a highly respected China-based solar DC SPD company known for its remarkable growth rate. We possess strong independent innovation capabilities and multiple core technologies, backed by numerous patent certifications such as ISO9001:2008 and ISO14000. CNKA Brands DC products are widely used in photovoltaic systems and hold a leading position in this field. Additionally, our products have passed multiple certifications, including CE, CB, IEC, and TUV.

CNKA solar dc spd Introduction


China Factory CNKA offers durable solar DC SPDs with a 1-year warranty, primarily used to prevent damage to DC power supply systems and electrical equipment caused by lightning overvoltage and transient overvoltage, thereby protecting the safety of equipment and users. Solar DC SPDs are widely used for DC power protection in mobile communication base stations, microwave communication stations, telecommunications rooms, factories, civil aviation, finance, securities, and other systems.


CNKA solar dc spd Parameter (Specification)


Product Model





Rated Frequency

One port

SPD Category

Combined type

Test Category

Class I+ll test



Maximum Continuous
Operating Voltage Uc



Voltage Protection
Level Up(8/20μs)



Nominal Discharge
Current In(8/20μs)



Maximum Discharge
Current Imax(8/20μs)



Impulse current limp



Response Time tA



36x90x80                   54x90x80

Failure Indication

Green:Normal Red:Failure

Sectional Area Of Wires


Installation Method

35mm standard rail

Working Environment


Sheathing Material


Protection Level


Executive Standard

IEC 61643-31


CNKA solar dc spd Feature


1.  The lightning arrester adopts temperature-controlled circuit breaker technology and is equipped with an overcurrent protection circuit, completely avoiding the risk of fire caused by the arrester's own heating.

2.  We have selected world-renowned components and manufactured them using advanced production processes.

3.  This product boasts a large discharge capacity, low residual pressure, and reliable quality.

4.  The lightning arrester also features a remote alarm dry contact, making the working and failure states clear at a glance.

5.  Easy to install and maintain.

6.  Our product has exquisite craftsmanship and can work stably for a long time in harsh environments such as those with acid, alkali, dust, salt mist, and humidity.

CNKA solar dc spd Details




CNKA solar dc spd Dimensions and wiring




CNKA solar dc spd Purpose


In photovoltaic equipment systems, lightning strikes, inductive or capacitive coupling voltages from upstream power system switching operations can cause surges, potentially damaging photovoltaic modules, inverters, and other equipment. This can have serious consequences for the operation of the photovoltaic system. To address this issue, photovoltaic lightning protection devices have been specially developed for DC power supply lightning protection, with a maximum working voltage of up to 1200V.

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