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1000v DC SPD
  • 1000v DC SPD1000v DC SPD
  • 1000v DC SPD1000v DC SPD
  • 1000v DC SPD1000v DC SPD
  • 1000v DC SPD1000v DC SPD

1000v DC SPD

These updates pertain to the latest news on 1000V DC SPDs, offering valuable insights to help you better understand and expand within the 1000V DC SPD market. Given the evolving nature of this market, we encourage you to bookmark our website to stay informed with regular updates. Welcome to choose CNKA Brands, where Your Electricity is Our Care!

CNKA 1000v dc spd Introduction


China Factory CNKA's 1000V DC SPD is designed to prevent damage to various electrical equipment in power systems caused by lightning overvoltage, switching overvoltage, and power frequency transient overvoltage. The 1000V DC SPD can also protect circuit or communication lines from damage due to peak current or voltage surges caused by external interference. When surges occur, the 1000V DC SPD diverts the current in an extremely short period to prevent damage to other devices in the circuit. It can be installed in parallel, in front of the inverter input, and behind the output, providing the first line of protection in the parallel circuit with a response time between 25 and 50 nanoseconds.


CNKA 1000v dc spd Parameter (Specification)


Product Model





Rated Frequency

One port

SPD Category

Combined type

Test Category

Class ll test



Maximum Continuous
Operating Voltage Uc



Voltage Protection
Level Up(8/20μs)



Nominal Discharge
Current In(8/20μs)



Maximum Discharge
Current Imax(8/20μs)



Response Time tA



36x90x66                   54x90x66

Failure Indication

Green:Normal Red:Failure

Sectional Area Of Wires


Installation Method

35mm standard rail

Working Environment


Sheathing Material


Protection Level


Executive Standard

IEC 61643-31

CNKA 1000v dc spd Feature


1  Response time is 25 nanoseconds.

2  Remote control with signal contacts.

3  Support for plug-in modules.

4  It has consistent pluggable performance and can operate normally even under NPE spark gap conditions.


CNKA 1000v dc spd Details



CNKA 1000v dc spd Dimensions and wiring


CNKA 1000v dc spd FAQ


Q: Where is your market?

A: Our products have gained strong popularity in various countries, including the Middle East, Thailand, Malaysia, Italy, Africa, America, Pakistan, and more. We are proud to have regular customers in these regions, as well as those who are developing new partnerships with us. We believe that our cooperation can bring mutual benefits, and we invite you to join us.

Q: Do I need surge protection for solar panels?

A: Yes, to ensure the protection of critical circuits in a solar power system, it is essential to install a surge protection network across both the DC and AC power distribution networks. The number of SPDs required for a solar PV system will vary depending on the distance between the panels and the inverter.

Q: What is your minimum quantity?

A: Typically, we require a minimum order quantity of at least 1000 USD. However, for initial business transactions, we are open to considering smaller quantities if requested by the customer.


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